Rolfing and Sport

Rolfing and Sport

What progressively stiffens the body?   What alters  its natural balance?

Why are so many of us structurally deficient, despite exercising or practicing sports?

The causes can be various: postural errors, injuries, diseases, excessive exercise, unsuitable applications and models, emotional disorders, toxins.....

When the structure of the body collapses and dysfunctions and malaise hinder it in its daily expressions, we are forced to give ourselves a little attention.

The Force of Gravity

Gravity is the force that affects every aspect of life on this planet.

It continuously compresses, extends, flexes, writhes our physical structure. When in conflict with it, sensory stimuli such as chronic fatigue, injuries, inhibitions in movements indicate mis-being.

The importance of knowing the body

In the human being the sense of movement is innate: it comes from the continuous adaptation to the acceleration of this planet (40 m/sec. circa). When tensions rise spasmodically in an area of the human body, the sensitivity and ability to perceive space and its variations are compromised and with them the motor coordination in the three planes of motions

The repetitive and competitive movements that occur in sport  disciplines require a clear overview of the context in which one acts and the relationship between the various segments of the body.

Rolfing aims at the proprioceptive re-education of the athlete in order to coordinate attention, intention, movement, breath, instinct, nervous system, emotionality, pleasure to

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11 Jul 2020
  Proprioception, also known as kinesthesia, is the process through which sensory input provides feedback about either ease or strenuous movement,...
01 Jun 2020
Sufferance is to withdraw. Pleasure is resilience to stimulus; pain is resistance to stimulus...
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Our bodies are our gardens, to which our wills are gardeners.

W. Shakespeare - Othello