Rolf Movement

From gesture to movement the way to the core

Touch is movement. We move in order to connect withthe outer world..

The earliest way we begin to learn what our bodies are and where the outer world starts is through the tactile relationship to the inherent gravitational movement of our planet. Thanks a guiding touch during a rolfing movement session, with the client actively engaged in his perception, coordination, we create an ongoing feedback and feed-forward process of exchange.

 Posture improvement and enhanced performance can increase intimacy and trust, contributing to a healthy relationship to the own body.

News ed Approfondimenti

26 May 2020
Giovedi 28 Maggio alle ore 15:00 sarò in diretta live sul canale facebook dell'Associazione Italiana Rolfing in compagnia dell'amico e collega Andrea Brighi...
22 Apr 2020
Nella Fisica la tendenza di un sistema a decomporsi e scivolare nel caos è chiamata entropia., mentre la tendenza ad organizzarsi è detta sintropia. Che l´...
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Modular Phase I – Movement - European Rolfing Association
Modular Phase I – Movement / Bewegung Instructor Nicola Carofiglio Language German Date 15.07.2020 — 20.07.2020 Price 830,00 Euro...

Our bodies are our gardens, to which our wills are gardeners.

W. Shakespeare - Othello