Ida Paulina Rolf and Rolfing

Rolfing was created by Dr Ida Paulina Rolf, who spent her life exploring treatment options that are already present in the human mind and body

Ida P. Rolf at the age of about 20, graduated from Barnard College in New York and when she was 25 years old she obtained a PhD in Biochemistry from the College of Physicians and Surgeons at Colombia University.

During the seven years that followed, she worked at the renowned Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research where she (unusually for a woman at that time) earned the position of Associate Professor. Eager for knowledge and personal development, in 1927 Dr Rolf left the United States and moved to Europe. Dissatisfied with the medical treatments available at the time, Dr Rolf embraced a wide range of approaches, including osteopathy, chiropractic medicine, medicines and disciplines for the mind, such as Yoga and Korzybski’s studies on consciousness.

Over time, by combining such a variety of influences, Dr Rolf developed a method that she called Structural Integration.
She dedicated the rest of her life to teaching and sharing this technique, which later took on her name, that is, Rolfing.

News and insights

10 Oct 2020
The idea of re-turn in my  work, is based on the cyclic courses in nature. The alternation of ex-pression and im-pression, re-leasing in order to get,...
21 Sep 2020
A body that animates  intuitions, ideas, deductions and theoretical conceptions and shapes a person, structures its personality. Let us challenge our mind...

Our bodies are our gardens and our wills are our gardeners

W. Shakespeare - Othello